Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Upcoming appearances

THE SESSION 2009 • Gloucester, England • January 17-18, 2009

I will be a among select international performers at one of the UK's most prestigious magic conventions. In addition to sessioning with magicians worldwide, I'll be performing and lecturing material from my DVD and lecture notes. I'll also be participating in a benefit close-up show for charity while I'm there. For more information, click here.

Just back from the MOTOR CITY CONVENTION

I recently returned from performing and lecturing at the 12th annual Motor City Convention, where I got to share the stage with Geoff Williams, Eric Jones and Kozmo. It was great hooking up with my fellow TSDers and making new connections. The lecture and workshop were very well recieved. One highlight of the the 2-hour workshop I presented was a new effect, Ballet Stunner (based on Paul Harris' superb Color Stunner). I have a rough clip on my YouTube page here. I'm still making some really cool refinements, but you'll get the idea.


drcowley said...

Hey John, I'll be following the blog with great interest. Ballet stunner is very nice! I still use a lot of your material regularly at gigs - palm reader, everywhere and jazz fusion are particular favourites.

Cindy said...

John.... I stumbled on your facebook account and you had your blogspot noted on your wall so I looked you up! HOLY MOLY MAN... you are going International with your magic self!! I'm very impressed...and oh so proud of my friend. Keep in touch and I will keep checking in here and on facebook to keep up with you. everyone here says HI!