Friday, December 5, 2008

The Napkin Approach

In the marketing/development world, we sometimes summarize a road map to desired outcomes using a “napkin.” We call it a napkin because it includes the things you might jot down across the table from someone to articulate your message succinctly, visually, spontaneously and with room for dialogue.

So what would you write down or draw on a napkin to define who you are as a magician? A napkin forces you to be focused and brief – and to have a dialogue with yourself. This process will hopefully better define your “BRAND.”

What does YOUR "brand” look like? What sets it apart from others?”

Remember, a brand is not a logo or is a promise! And everything you do must be focused on fulfilling that promise to your audience.

I decided to take the napkin approach myself recently. It started off with a quick sketch, which I then articulated in more detail by typing my outcomes, priorities and strategies. I’ve never really shown this to’s just something to help my keep the “John G brand” on track. If you're curious, here's what I came up with. I wonder what you'll come up with.


THE CASE (Why me? What do I offer?)
To deliver extraordinary moments through close-up magic (primarily playing cards) that offers a distinctive combination of artistic handling, creativity and engaging presentation.

DESIRED OUTCOMES (What do I want my audience to say or feel about my performance?)
- Astonishing/remarkable
- Beautiful to watch
- Entertaining
- Creative
- Memorable

MY PRIORITIES & STRATEGIES (My main three areas of focus with specific strategies)

Priority 1 - DEFT TECHNIQUE: Exhibit the skill and confidence of a virtuoso
  • Approach with sureness & control
  • Light touch, smooth and fluid, grace and finesse
  • Practical handling that can be done slowly and deliberately
  • Naturally-choreographed and justified actions
  • Supplement dexterity with subtlety

Priority 2 - SOLID PRESENTATION: Presentation is designed to strengthen impact
  • Focus on scripting/performance
  • Craft act toward audience
  • Structure effects to reveal "extraordinary moments"
  • Relevant topics; not contrived
  • Natural props
  • Original ideas
  • Clever methods
  • Cohesive sets; thematic
  • Designed to surpass the expected
  • Capitalize on what you CAN show; camouflage what you can't

Priority 3 - RAPPORT: Engaging presentation that connects with people
  • Listen to them
  • Be authentic
  • Draw from genuine experiences
  • Use quick wit
  • Exhibit class and modern charm
  • Involve them as partners in creating the impact
  • Enjoy the magic WITH them
  • Mirror their level of enthusiasm
  • Tap into their interests
  • Respect their intelligence
  • Use "conversational misdirection"

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Andre Limantara said...


This is a very nice approach. I never think about it.

This is really an inspiration