Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lost and Found...Again

"Lost and Found" is one of the stand out effects from my Brainstorm DVDs, and continues to be a high point in my shows and lectures. The effect is an extension Steve Hamilton's "Clearly Vanished," Peter Duffie's "Clear and to the Point, and Roy Walton's "Jefferson's Jest." In all of these effects, a card vanishes from a clear sleeve (and perhaps reappears somewhere else). It's incredibly magical and intriguing. But is that the end? What if the signed card could be made to reappear back inside the sleeve? In 1999, I developed "Lost & Found," which features a quite devious solution to do just that. And I've been flooring audiences with it for 10 years now.

Clearly Better
So, I recently had another "what if?" moment. What if I attached a strap to one end of the sleeve? It would allow the sleeve to more closely resemble a luggage tag (which fits with the "airline" presentation). I could even begin my having the sleeve hanging from a suitcase. But here's the real benefit. By leaving the strap on throughout the effect, you could actually hold the strap during the vanish and reappearance. Whoa! For those of you familiar with the effect, think about it. During the last phase, as the participant is pinching the empty sleeve between two Jokers, simply pull the end of the strap. Emerging from the spectators fingertips, inches away, will be the sleeve with the signed card clearly inside. Normally, you would have to pinch the extreme edge of the sleeve itself. The addition of the strap not only makes the procedure easier, it strengthens the magical moment. The strap works great during the initial vanish too; just tug on the strap while retaining the Jokers in the other hand. You will be left with a pretty picture of the sleeve hanging empty from the strap.

Give it a try. Just punch a hole at the bottom of the sleeve and lace on a spare camera strap. The strap does not interfere with the handling. Just perform the effect the way you always do.

I recently shared this idea at my latest lecture in Detroit, and the magicians dug it. I hope you do too. If you're in need of some more sleeves, they are available on my product page. Enjoy!

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