Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My new hardcover book, ONE DEGREE, is now available...on the same day I turn 42. What a great gift it is for me to share this with the magic community. I think you'll agree this is a simply gorgeous book. The Vanishing Inc. team did a superb job with the layout and design. More than two years in the making, One Degree contains more than 20 card routines (mostly new), a some "best of" items. I'm honored to have a wonderful Foreword by John Bannon and Introduction by Jack Carpenter. With 40,000 words, 240 photos, and five essays, this is more than just a book of tricks. It will get you thinking more about WHY you do magic and what guides your decisions.

You can order through Vanishing Inc. or directly through me here. With every order, I'm including a FREE clear sleeve for the effect Lost & Found (it makes a perfect bookmark too), and I'll personally sign the book to you!