Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Looking Forward

Yesterday, a friend mentioned he needs a vacation...just something to look forward to. Sure, we all need something to look forward to; it keeps us moving with optimism. It got me thinking about the things I have to look forward to. Here are some:

- Dinner this week to celebrate my four-year wedding anniversary.
- My new book (ONE DEGREE), which will be out in a few months.
- I'm meeting John Bannon at the Magic Castle next week.
- Raising support for a new YMCA facility.
- A family vacation.

The things we want/need to look forward to never just happen by chance; we must cause them to happen. It requires action. If you think about it, having something to look forward to involves first "looking forward."

As you look ahead, what can you do to create opportunities to look forward to. Maybe start by c
alling a friend. Accepting a new challenge. Thanking a mentor in your life. Asking a question of someone you respect. Scheduling an overnight getaway. And so on. Actions like these help plant the seeds for opportunities that will naturally grow into important events in our lives...and give us things to look forward to with excitement and anticipation.

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