Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In The Now

When reading a book, it's not just about reaching the final pivotal chapter. Every word of every page is important to the present moment. Yet in life, how many times do we find ourselves skipping ahead—so focused on what's next—we lose sight of what's now?!

One of my favorite magic routines is a combination of two tricks: "Intuition" and "Out of the Blue" (both featured on my Brainstorm DVDs). Over time, I realized that I was not giving "Intuition" its due credit as a strong effect in itself. It's more than just a trick that sets up the next...more than just a connector to something better...it's an incredible mental effect in and of itself—and a Hofzinser-inspired classic. Yet, I often found my inner voice saying, "But just wait until they see the next trick. Those color-changing backs are going to blow them away." I was two steps ahead in the future to be fully invested in the present.

I was skimming and skipping ahead to the good part, instead of bringing the current page to life. This experience has reminded me to become more purely invested in every given moment and to maximize "now" with true conviction. Knowing this has helped me improve my performance in terms of pacing, accentuating the effect, being more expressive, and getting the most out of each magical moment.

So, whatever page you're on now, here's to making the most if it.


Ricardo said...

Long time no post...Welcome back!

John G said...

Thanks for noticing.

Jeffrey Tong said...

Great post, I often find this happening to me when I perform the Open Triumph by Ben Earle. Keep the awesome posts coming!