Saturday, December 4, 2010

One Voice

In branding, there is the important concept of talking in ONE VOICE. Just go to Disneyland for example and see everything and everyone expressing the Disney brand with one voice. Their brand is brought to life with crystal clear alignment. While I don't know Disney's official brand strategies, it is clear that their voice encompasses such words as welcoming, courteous and magical.

The Y is another major brand. Their voice consists of five key words: welcoming, nurturing, hopeful, genuine and determined.

So, when thinking about your personal brand as a magician, try speaking in one voice. Identify some key words that best align to your personal brand, and jot them down. Everything from your movements, words, gestures, attitude, collateral material, website and more should all point to the same target and embody your brand. If they don't, imagine the confusion you'd be conveying.

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