Sunday, March 1, 2009

March of Progress

What an exciting month of magic March is turning out to be...

Magic Magazine
March marks my debut in Magic Magazine. My effect, "Intro-Verted," is published in Joshua Jay's "Talk About Tricks," column. Magicians get to learn the trick step by step and read a brief interview with Josh and I.

The Notebook
Will Houstoun's, The Notebook, just arrived. In this superb book that sheds light on 81 card tricks performed in the latter half of the 18th century by some of the greatest magicians of the age. I had the pleasure of meeting Will during my recent trip to London, where he showed me around the legendary Magic Circle and the library where he did his research for the book.

True Astonishment
I just received Paul Harris' long anticipated 9-DVD True Astonishment project. Paul's a hero, and I'm honored to have my effect "Color Blind" (Brainstorm DVDs) included on the set (as an intro to Caleb Wiles' "Reswindled"). Very cool!

TFD Convention
I'm looking forward to sessioning with some of the best minds in card magic at The False Deal Convention in Oklahoma City, March 26-28. I had the pleasure of lecturing at last year's convention in Dallas.

Team Magic
I'm leading a team for philanthropic support at the YMCA, and we're calling ourselves, "Team Magic." We're using magic to inspire our team and make impact in the community.

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Jordan said...

Hi John,

As a magician I'm so envious that you have the True Astonishment set compliments of the creator himself.

I hope to see more of your videos soon.