Thursday, December 29, 2011

Here are six tips that I find are the"secret" to effective close-up magic presentation (and most any interaction in life). And it's easy to remember using "SECRET" as an acronym.

S - Smile
A smile has more power than you think. More than naturally raising your likability factor and opening up an extra degree of connection with your audience, it is a useful tool to camouflage your moves. Think about's hard to concentrate AND smile at the same time. Just look at Auguste Rodin's famous statue The Thinker. So, enjoy yourself and smile through your magic, and it will diminish the perception that anything sneaky is going on.

E - Eye Contact
Please don't stare at your cards the whole time. Lock eyes with everyone in your audience and you'll "touch" them.

C - Commit
Don't just recite your lines; stand behind every word. David Regal is one of my favorite performers. He makes even the simplest items shine. The secret? He "COMMITS." Every word & action is used to make the impact as clear, compelling and entertaining as possible. Great rules to follow

R - Respond
Listen to both verbal and non-verbal gestures...and look for opportunities to respond and interact. Magic is about dialogue - not monologue.

E - Express Yourself
Don't let your props upstage you. Create opportunities to be YOU and express the wonderful, unique qualities only you have.

T - Transport Them
Magic is about taking your audience to a different place...a different state of mind. If your magic does not transport them, that it falls flat. Look for ways to elevate presentation and meaning in your magic.


Mariol said...

Thanks for sharing this! I totally agree with this points and I think that one more thing is essential: have fun while doing magic! :)

Aleksandar Jovanovic said...
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Aleksandar Jovanovic said...

That's a nice meaning of secret letters,It's magically good :)
This blog is even better than mine

nomzam said...

These are so basic tips of magic but these are final tips without them we can not do anything. Very nice post mate.